I used to think that aging was an abrupt occurrence; many years of youth, and then, suddenly, old age. Stupid youth I was. But some things about aging are sudden. Once day you are fine, then suddenly a tweak, or a taste, or a lump, or a pain, and it begins.

Aging is a slow decline down a gradual descent, the gears not noticing the steep degree until suddenly, there are no brakes and you fly off the road into the ditch of time…okay, that is silly.

Several years ago I discovered that my “bad back” was actually a terrible spine, turning and looking 6 different directions as it traveled up toward my neck.  I had inherited my Mother’s twisted bending nightmare of a back.  But it did not hurt much, and I still was normal looking. I ignored it.

I dreamed of riding a bicycle again. I wanted to feel the wind on my face as I raced along just as I had as a child. But I was prudent. First I purchased  recumbent trikes so I would not fall, but it really wasn’t like a bicycle to me. I wanted to ride with the big kids.

Last year began my “Year of Magical Thinking”.  I would recapture my youth.  The Back Bitch will be defeated! First I purchased a  recumbent bicycle called an Easy Racers Gold Rush R. Very very very long bike that I managed to sorta ride for a few minutes, but did not like it much, then fell repeatedly getting off it. So, I purchased a shorter recumbent bike that somehow I thought would be easier to ride, a Barcroft Virginia GT. I never actually got it going, but I did fall off six times, sitting still on it.  Recumbent bicycles are very hard to ride.

The magical thinking has stopped. My spine is twisting me to the right, changing my balance, and I will never be quite the same again.  I can perhaps ride a trike, perhaps.

So, the year of mature thinking has began. I will get my trikes out tomorrow and prepare them for battle. This California heat wave will end in the next few days, and the trike and I will venture out into the world to recapture a bit of that youth, just a bit, while the Back Bitch permits. Anyone out there, walk, swim, or trike or perhaps in a wheelchair, lets roll.